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We use top quality products which carry a lifetime manufactures warranty combined with our own lifetime installation warranty to ensure the job is done right the first time. 

Storm Damage Claims

Our staff is fully trained in identifying all storm related damage. Along with strong working relationships with all insurance companies, we will strive to make your storm related claim experience go as smooth as possible. Our track record  is second to none. 


Our experts are trained in commercial structure requirements to ensure your business functions without fail.

Total Home Remodeling

We at Midwest Roofing has created partnerships with many locally owned and operated companies to make sure any of the home remodeling you want to have completed are done by the best contractors in your area.

Roof Certifications

Not all roofs have damage. We'd like to thank you for the opportunity to inspect your roof by offering a free roof certification should no damage be found to your roof.

Referral Rewards

Want some free money..? Refer us to your friends, neighbors and family! Ask your Midwest  representative for details.



Midwest Roofing has been a known and  trusted name in Roofing since 1996. We have offices in  Missouri and Colorado.


For over 25 years, Midwest Roofing Inc. has built a solid foundation based on integrity and reliable long-term performance. We treat every client the way we would want to be treated, providing:

  • Free Estimates

  • Free Inspections and insurance claim processing.

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Quality Craftsmanship

  • The Latest Roofing Products

  • Neat, Clean and Professional Work

  • Complete Lifetime guarantee on workmanship as well as materials.



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Frequently asked questions

We just had a hail storm, how do I know if I have damage?

Often times hail impacts can damage roof shingles and may not be readily visible to an untrained eye. Our inspectors are highly trained in identifying all roofing issues as well as any underlying damage to prevent problems that could occur if left unchecked. Our inspections are always free and we dont ask for you to sign ANYTHING until your claim is approved for replacement. Our experience and reputation stands for itself. Let us earn your business.

I've called in a claim on my own. Why do I need a contractor there?

Our staff works for YOU and not your insurance company much the same way a defense attorney works for you in a court of law. They are trained to ensure the insurance adjuster identifies all damages that occured so that you get the proper allowances due. We have found that most adjusters deny claims with higher regularity if left to inspect on their own. It doesn't happen often, but your roof claim could be denied if you don't have someone there to look out for your best interests. Deniel of a claims is not the most common way for an adjuster to follow their mandate to save the insurance company money. Claims that have been shorted are the most common way insurance companies save money when a claim is made. Most homeowners believe that an insurance estimate is the final amount the insurance company is going to allow. This can cause them to hunt for a roofer that will try to do the project for a low bid. That usually leads to substandard workmanship, low quality materials or both. Lets face it, the insurance doesnt care about the quality of work. Their primary concern is to save a buck. Don't settle for a short claim or feel the need to settle for a discount contractor. It's your home. You and your family live there. You deserve the best repairs your insurance premiums can buy. If you have done an adjustment on your own and it has been denied we can still help. We can take a free look to see if any damage was missed or over looked. If so we can then work thhrough the re-adjust process for you and get the claim handled properly.

What does your damage inspection cost me?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, you are under no obligation to do anything until we can get your roof approved for replacement.

Should I get different quotes?

In todays world multiple qoutes are no longer necessary and can cause more brain damage than necessary. Most insurance companies and the roofing industry use (or should be using) standard pricing based on market value which includes costs of materials and labor. This pricing is set, and guide lined by software like Xcatimate (the indutsry leader in estimating software). Software such as this is used by insurance and roofing companies alike to ensure fair compensation across the board. The insurance adjuster and the contractor should be able to agree on the estimate amount if all aspects of the project are correctly accounted for.This negates the need for for multiple bids and the headaches that process creates.

What am I responsible for financially?

For an insurance claim typically the only financial responsibilty would be the deductble. Sometimes a customer would like an upgrade that is not covered by the insurance estimate. In this case the upgrade may be the responsibility of the homeowner. Midwest Roofing automatically gives a couple upgrades away free on every job. Midwest always uses synthetic felt on all of our projects. Synthetic felt is a far superior underlayment than any of the typical felt underlayments. Longer life, easier to install and allows a better footing for the installers during the installation. Midwest also always installs ice and water shield on the eaves whether it is code for that area or not. Why? Because when a company like ours offers a lifetime workmanship warrenty it's more cost effective spend more to do the job right than it is to have to do warranty repairs.

What if I cannot afford my deductible?

Many people look for a contractor that will give a discounted rate to off set or wave the deductible. Be careful. Insurance companies don't like this, and in most states it is considered a crime to wave a deductible. If a roofer gives a discounted price you need to ask whether the workmanship or the quality of material is suffering. When a final invoice is submitted to the insurance company and if that amount is lower, the insurance provider will only compensate for that amount minus the deductible leaving the customer still responsible for the deductible and possibly a substandard roof system. Good news is there are ways to make the deductible affordable! Many times a deductible can be off set with programs offered by some insurance comanies by replacing the shingles with impact resistant shingles. Call your agent see if your insurance company offers this program and ask them for details. We offer a deductble payment plan broken up into affordable monthly payments with no interest. You can take up to five years to pay your deductible. Ask your Midwest representative for details. Before you let the deductible amount become a fearful hurdle, let us try and exhaust all options for you. Remember, we're here for you.



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We had a pretty nasty storm come across our neighborhood and Midwest Roofing was referred to me by a neighbor and they sent someone out to look over our roof for damage and walked me through getting our roof claim called in effortlessly. Our roof was replaced quickly and the crew worked like professionals. I'd use them again. 

Nick Wilson, Olathe KS

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It has been a historically difficult year for all small businesses, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the shutdowns and closures, material shortages, soaring inflation, shortage of skilled workforce, and uncommon inclement weather patterns we are currently not taking on any new residential clients at this time and diligently working to catch up our current residential customer base. Even after the year we had in 2020 and the continuing challenges that are still facing us today we will continue to strive to keep open and improve communication with our customers in order to service their needs. In light of our customers' patience and the continued efforts of our staff we have not had to consider closing our doors like so many other businesses have this year. Unfortunately, we may have missed communication with some of our clients. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide information regarding our current status you are welcome to call our main number at any time as we will maintain open communication with each and every one of you

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